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Pledge “TTttraining”

"I will contribute £10 to sending a Transition Town Hackney person on "How to set up, run and maintain a transition initiative" but only if 9 other local people will do the same."

— Ben Metz, train TT Hackney

Fecha límite para ofrecerse voluntario: 9 marzo 2009
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País: Reino Unido
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Let's club together and send a few people on this training to give TT Hackney a great boost in its development.

Lets not limit this to one person. If 10 people sign up then keep signing up and we can send two or three... or more!!!

If you want to attend the course then email me directly at and i will keep a list.

here are details of the training:

Training for Transition:

How to set up, run and maintain a transition initiative

Learn the essential tools to make a thriving and resilient Transition Initiative.

Understanding the context for transition
The Transition Towns model – from inspiration to working groups
Identify the main steps of transition
Plans for yourself and your locality
Inner and outer aspects of transition
Provides the elements of an inspiring talk on Transition Towns

The Trainers:

May East - member of the community at Findhorn, May is an activist for the Brazilian social change movement and has many years experience in the environmental movement.

Ann Lamot - From the Centre for Alternative eneryy in Machynlleth in Wales, co-founder of Transition Bro Ddyfi Trawsnewid.

When: Saturday 14th (9.30-5.30) and Sunday 15th March (9.00-5.00)
Where: Caribbean Community Centre, 416 Seven Sisters Road, Manor House, London N4 2LX
Cost: £100 per person
Booking: please contact Jo Homan,

Many thanks,
Jo Homan
Transition Finsbury Park: Making the most of local resources, local community and local knowledge to build a more sustainable future.

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  • Angela McSherry
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  • Robyn Kimber
  • Robin Grey
  • Steve Maguire
  • Ken Anderson
  • Simone Jaeger
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